Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal is a magnificent and courageous sport with astonishing spectacle and breathtaking panoramas. Encounter the exceptional spectacular ceremony as you fly overhead villages, monasteries, canyons, temples, lakes and jungle while yielding airspace with Himalayan gryphon, falcons, and kites. Paragliding in Nepal filled with thrilling adventure and fun can be the best sport in the prospect of adventure seeker. We fly over the heaven city of Pokhara and observe the charming Himalayan spectacle just underneath your cap.

The cruising season in Nepal initiates from November through February, the most suitable months being November and December. One of the popular spots for paragliding in Nepal is of Sarangkot (1592 m) in Pokhara. Qualified directors provide a short announcement before lancing. And there’s not much of worry involved, particularly since you’ll be having an aviator with you.

Moreover, Paragliding in Nepal conveys you over amazing of the best exhibition on earth. The tackles used in Paragliding are pretty convenient too; it’s practically like sitting in an armchair. Your aviator does the flying, and all you do is cling on tight and feast your sights on the spacious and marvellous sight underneath and all around you.